Metal Enclosed Switchgear

25 kV Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Metal Enclosed Switchgear


Designed for jobs that require a smaller footprint RIC Power’s Metal Enclosed Switchgear offers a customizable unit utilizing a fixed vacuum breaker to maximize space while minimizing investment.

Cost Effective

RIC’s most cost effective switchgear solution.

Small Footprint

Custom engineered for smallest possible footprint.


High quality components ensure maximum reliability.

Features & Specifications


  • Front viewing window for visual confirmation of LBS knife position.
  • Busbar support structure configured for optimum heat dissipation and strength under fault conditions.
  • Ground ball studs where applicable for safe maintenance practices.
  • Interlocks to prevent access into lower compartment for fuse replacement.
  • Isolated instrument compartment.
  • Sloped roof, cell heater, door wind-stop, washable filters, light box and tamper proof door hardware (outdoor).
  • Polyolefin heat shrunk busbar c/w booted bus connections (optional).
  • Rear infrared viewing ports (optional).

Metal Enclosed Switchgear Ratings
Other ratings available upon request.

Enclosure Type

NEMA 1, 2, 3R and 4X

Typical Dimensions
Indoor Outdoor
5kV: 53”D x 38”W x 91.5”H 5kV: 60”D x 42”W x 95”H
15kV: 53”D x 38”W x 91.5”H 15kV: 60”D x 42”W x 95”H
25kV: 68”D x 48”W x 91.5”H 25kV: 75”D x 52”W x 95”H

CSA 22.2 No. 31

Metal Enclosed Outdoor Switchgear

Options: NEMA 2, 3R “Skin tight”, or 4X Enclosure | Breaker Lift Cart | External Remote Racking Device

Metal Enclosed Switchgear Projects

Metal Enclosed Switchgear Diagram Side Walls Removed

Metal Enclosed Switchgear Drawing



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