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Discover why RIC is the go-to choice for customers who require custom designs and short lead time.

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RIC has come up with a variety of solutions for complex projects.

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There is great pride and workmanship in RIC’s finished product, it is difficult to near impossible to find any deficiencies.
~Richardson Terminal
Flexible configurations. Quality oriented. Customer driven.

The RIC Advantage

There are three distinct advantages to working with RIC Power Corp. The first critical advantage is customization. RIC specializes in creating custom solutions – specifically tailored to the clients specifications. This requires RIC to engineer the perfect solution – not a standard off the shelf approach.


The second advantage is lead time. Every project has its certain requirements and restrictions. RIC Power’s experienced engineers ensure that, despite challenging circumstances, clients get approvals in weeks rather than months.


The third advantage of working with RIC Power is integration. Based on the unique designs created, RIC has the ability to utilize different vendor products that best fit the job requirements. This lack of constraint means more flexibility in the end product, potentially saving clients space and money.


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Pembina 25kV Skid Mounted Metal Clad NEMA 3R Drawing

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